世界杯投注官网紧急通知 (按需要张贴)




警察徽章这些紧急程序供世界杯投注官网社区使用. 世界杯投注官网应该熟悉这些内容. In the event of an emergency, it will serve as a quick reference for effective action. 它应该一直放在一个容易接近的地方. New employees and students should be made familiar with it as part of the orientation process.

如果世界杯投注官网想了解更多关于危机沟通和公共安全的信息, please feel free to contact the 世界杯投注官网 Police Department at 334-727-8757. Our commitment is to ensure the safety and security of the 世界杯投注官网 community. 
紧急电话:334-724-4911(校园外. 4911).

都是世界杯投注官网的学生, 教师, staff and campus personnel are urged to SIGN UP FOR EMERGENCY NOTIFICATIONS by e-mail (campus e-mail acct. (仅限)、语音留言或短信,请点击以下链接: http://www.myschoolcast.com/go/tu  


The 通信 office assists senior officials in the distribution of information regarding a University closure in the event of a storm. 沟通程序包括:

  • Tiger 警报 mass email message sent to all students, 教师 and staff as soon as possible
  • 老虎警报群发短信给所有学生,教师和工作人员尽快
  • 世界杯投注官网主页上发布了老虎警报
  • 梅肯县警报警报器(长时间持续哔哔声)


  • 电话:334-727-8757
  • 网站:www.世界杯投注官网.edu/alerts或www.世界杯投注官网.edu/Tiger警报


龙卷风/飓风/强雷暴表意味着龙卷风, 可能会有飓风或严重的雷暴.
龙卷风/飓风/严重雷暴警告意味着龙卷风, hurricane or a severe thunderstorm has actually been sighted somewhere in the warning area.


  • 如果时间允许,去地下室或最低层的室内走廊. 否则, 去教室或办公室的内墙, 尽量远离门窗.
  • 避免去礼堂、体育馆或其他有大跨度屋顶的建筑.
  • 躲在桌子或任何沉重的家具下面.
  • 采取一个弯曲的姿势来保护世界杯投注官网的头和眼睛.


In the event of a disaster, an evacuation order will be disseminated by police officials. 学生, 教师 and staff are encouraged to follow those directions and proceed to one of the shelters listed below that is closest to your current location.

  • 约翰一. 肯尼大厅
  • 安德鲁·F. 布里默大厅
  • 凯洛格酒店及会议中心(宴会厅及礼堂)
  • 钱伯利斯大厅(走廊)
  • 汤普金斯大厅(联邦应急管理局避难所)
  • 詹姆斯·H.M. 亨德森大厅


如果世界杯投注官网收到龙卷风/飓风/强雷暴警报, dining services will not operate under normal operating hours and will resume as soon as the university is clear of any warnings/severe weather threats. 


炸弹威胁通常是通过电话发出的. Should you encounter a bomb threat in this manner, take the following steps/precautions:

  • 尽量让打电话的人长时间通话.
  • The person receiving a bomb threat call should remain calm and attempt to obtain as much information as possible from the caller.
  • 拨打校园外的校园警察. 4911或334-724-4911,留下世界杯投注官网的姓名、位置和电话号码. 把情况告诉他们, 包括世界杯投注官网可能掌握的关于炸弹位置的信息, 是时候引爆了, 还有世界杯投注官网接到电话的时间.
  • 通知世界杯投注官网的主管和/或部门主管.
  • 世界杯投注官网警察局, 与大学安全主任和建筑协调员合作, 谁将负责大楼疏散.
  • 如果世界杯投注官网发现可疑物品、包裹等.,向世界杯投注官网警察局报告.
  • Under no circumstances should you touch, tamper with or move a suspicious package in any way.
  • 如果接到疏散指示,请离开建筑物保持安全距离. 如果天气条件恶劣,世界杯投注官网可以搬到另一栋楼去. Do not re-enter the building until instructed that it is safe by 世界杯投注官网 Police Department personnel, 大学安全官员或世界杯投注官网的建筑协调员.

Note: All persons caught or identified tampering with alarm systems will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.



  • 拨打世界杯投注官网警察局校园外. 4911 or 334-724-4911 以及大学安全主任 at 334-724-8424 or 334-421-8604.
  • 不要试图清理泄漏. The 世界杯投注官网 安全 Officer will contact the necessary personnel to clean up the spill or contact a hazardous materials team if needed.
  • 远离泄漏物. 如果泄漏物产生气味或蒸汽,请离开该区域.
  • The University 安全 Officer or the 世界杯投注官网 Police Department will determine whether the building needs to be evacuated.
  • 如果接到疏散指示,请离开建筑物保持安全距离. Do not re-enter the building until instructed to do so by 世界杯投注官网 Police Department personnel, 大学安全官员或世界杯投注官网的建筑协调员.

发现火灾后, immediately sound the building 火 alarm and alert other occupants and 采取以下步骤:

  • 拨打世界杯投注官网警察局校园外. 4911或334-724-4911,说出世界杯投注官网的名字,部门和火灾地点.
  • 如果火很小,世界杯投注官网可以尝试用灭火器扑灭它. Be sure you are using the proper extinguisher for the type of 火 you are attempting to extinguish. 如果有疑问,请离开大楼.
  • If the 火 is large, very smoky, or spreading rapidly, evacuate the building immediately. Inform others in the building who may not have responded to the alarm to evacuate immediately.
  • 当您撤离时,不要停下来取个人物品或记录. 立即离开该区域,走出口楼梯,不要使用电梯.
  • Evacuate to a safe distance from the building and out of the way of emergency personnel. Do not return to the building until instructed to do so by 世界杯投注官网 Police Department personnel, 大学安全官员或世界杯投注官网的建筑协调员.
  • 不要在烟雾中行走或站立.


If a gas cylinder begins leaking, or if you suspect a natural gas leak, 采取以下步骤:

  • 关上房间的门来限制烟雾.
  • 拨打世界杯投注官网警察局校园外. 4911 or 334-724-4911, 以及大学安全主任, 说出世界杯投注官网的名字, 泄漏的部门和地点.
  • 启动大楼火警,开始疏散大楼.
  • 撤离到远离大楼的安全区域. Do not return to the building until instructed that it is safe to do so by 世界杯投注官网 Police Department personnel, 大学安全主任, 或者世界杯投注官网的建筑协调员.
  • 不要穿过或站在泄漏处附近.
  • 如有异味投诉,请致电世界杯投注官网警察局. 4911, 334-724-4911或大学安全主任.


If you come in contact with a person who has experienced a serious illness or injury, 采取以下步骤:

  • 除非有生命危险,否则不要移动重伤者.
  • 拨打世界杯投注官网警察局校园外. 4911或334-724-4911,留下世界杯投注官网的姓名、位置和电话号码.
  • 提供尽可能多的关于疾病或伤害性质的信息, 被害人是否有意识, 出血, 等.
  • 尽可能让受害者保持冷静和舒适. 待在受害者身边,直到警察到来.
  • 如果伤者是雇员, 根据部门领导或主管的指示启动报告程序.


We have all been hearing about the potential for a terrorist attack in the United States. 目前还没有针对世界杯投注官网的具体威胁, we need to be aware of steps we can take to prevent an attack or to respond to an attack that does take place.


注意世界杯投注官网周围的环境 !!!

  • Report any suspicious person immediately to the 世界杯投注官网 Police Department at either 334-727-8757 or 334-727-8756.
  • 报告无人看管的背包或包, 可疑包裹, spills or smells immediately to the 世界杯投注官网 Police Department at 334-727- 8757 or 334-727-8756.
  • 当建筑物关闭时,请将建筑物门窗锁上. Report any buildings that are not secured to the 世界杯投注官网 Police Department at 334-727-8757 or 334-727-8756.


  • 如果发生爆炸, 如果世界杯投注官网发现有不明来源的化学物质泄漏, 如果世界杯投注官网闻到可疑的气味, 或者世界杯投注官网身边的人突然生病了, 立即打电话给世界杯投注官网警察局. 4911或334-724-4911或334-727-8757或334-727-8756.
  • 校园社区将通过老虎警报群发电子邮件通知, 如果发生恐怖袭击,可以发短信和语音信箱.
  • 如果世界杯投注官网接到恐怖袭击发生的通知, 走在室内, 关好门窗, 待在屋里,直到被告知可以安全离开. 不要离开大楼去世界杯投注官网的车和离开校园. 不叫家人或朋友来学校接世界杯投注官网吗. You could be exposing yourself or your family and friends to toxic gases or other materials.
  • 联系一个家庭成员,报告世界杯投注官网是安全的, and make the call short as the campus telephone lines will need to remain free for emergency 通信.
  • Tell your family that 世界杯投注官网’s Emergency Plan is to shelter everyone on campus, 制定家庭应急计划. 如果有必要的话, make a plan for backup care of children or other family members needing assistance if you must remain on campus.
  • If you are at home and hear that there has been a terrorist attack on the 世界杯投注官网 campus, 在学校宣布安全之前不要来校园.
  • Tiger警报将通过群发电子邮件、短信和语音邮件通知您任何事件.
  • 世界杯投注官网警察局 , in conjunction with 大学安全主任 will call the appropriate law enforcement, 火, 或者卫生机构回应, 评估形势, 并就何时恢复正常活动是安全的提供建议, 区域是否需要用绳子隔开或隔离, 等.
  • 梅肯县警报警报器(长时间持续哔哔声) will be activated as circumstances warrant.
  • 所有大学管理人员在住房, 通信, 食品服务, physical plant and the police department are required to be on call 24 hours during an emergency.



  • 紧急电话电话:334-724-4911(校园外. 4911)
  • 一般援助电话: 334-727-8757或334-727-8756或334-724-8834
  • 保密热线: 334-724-4583

请与您的住房协调员联系, 建设协调, or department head for evacuation procedures and emergency contact numbers for a particular campus building.


地点:  汤普金斯大厅,200套房


  • 紧急号码: 334-724-4911(校内只需拨打4911)
  • 一般信息:  334-727-8756/ 8757
  • 保密热线: 334-724-4583